Summer Exhibition 2007.

Victoria Hall, Dewsbury Town Hall. 7th July to 14th July.

3 were sold at the exhibition in total, one at the preview, one on the Wednesday and one on the final Saturday.
St. Thomas' & the Pylon: Sold.
The Birds are gone: Sold.
Solar Flowered Eclipse: Sold.

The Transept: Presented to Lady Forbes on the ocassion of her 40th birthday.
St. Mary's: Donated to The Parish Centre, St. Mary's Church.

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Kathleen Mortensen said...

Hi There!

I think your blog is really cool and your art is wonderful. The problem that I have is navigating the page with so much black on it. I can't tell what is a link and what isn't. I wanted to look at "St. Mary's Church", but I guess it was just part of a list. Don't get me wrong -- I like black too, but for the purpose of allowing the reader to move around and find stuff, it may be a bit heavy-handed.


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