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Paper bowl idea recycled.

Paper bowl idea. Made from recycled magazines.
I discovered this idea of how to make a bowl from old magazines or newspaper material from, Patricia Zapata on her BLOG: A LITTLE HUT
Well here's my version, photographed on white paper and a mirror.

Thanks for the inspiration.


Painter Framingham MA said...

Beautiful bowl!
Great idea!

<3 Lindsay

patricia said...

Thank you for sharing this with me. I love seeing how others work with my ideas. Your bowl looks great and I specially like the last photo with the mirror.

By the way, your cardboard Christmas tree is very striking.

fleamarketjunkie said...

This looks fantastic! I have a basket made out of the same amterial and I think also used the same technique since it's made of the same materials. I wish I can learn how to do this.And I will come weekend.