Long Queues 4 Banksy Versus Bristol Museum.

The queue for Banksy Versus Bristol Museum is very long.
Here is a panoramic photograph taken from the opposite side of the street from the museum on Queens Road, 06/08/09. The exhibition continues until the end of August. I didn't visit the exhibition on the day I captured this image of the queue as it snakes up University Road. I went back the next day, 07/08/09 and queued for one and three quarter hours before it opened at 10 am. I was 14th in the queue, I met two lovely people, Andrew and Dave from Bristol. We talked about anything and everything to pass the time. I saw families who had brought their own fold-a-way chairs to sit on. Coach loads of people arrived. I wonder how pleased Banksy and Bristol must be about the success of the exhibition in terms of the body count?

I was impressed and delighted by the content and range of his work. I got some ace photos. There are some classics and some funny twists hidden around the museum and galleries. One of my favourites has to be the chicken nuggets. Happy queueing!
Both sides of exhibition flyer scanned with kind permission.


Erik said...

If I could see but one exhibition this year...it would be the Bristol Banksy.

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