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Gothic Symbol Matrix.

Gothic Symbol Matrix 2008.
Pencil and ink.
Completed in just under 6 hours.
First I drew the grid and then the letters G-O-T-H-I-C from the Gothic Alphabet.
I drew the letters in pencil then went over them with ink when I was happy with their shape.
The other squares in the grid are populated with adaptations of symbols found in an old encyclopedia.

Gothic Symbols Matrix in negative.

This is the same image converted into negative.

My drawings are inspired by Gothic symbols. A Gothic revival.
If you would like a postcard of my Gothic Symbols just ask?
I will post worldwide....

A list of MY titles linked to the keyword search 'MOON'

Painting. Watercolour. Ink. Collage. Photography. Drawing. Photo montage. Installation. Poetry. Essay.

Famous quote three. Share my moon rising. Another moon study. Paint my moon. A moon study in watercolour. Marco Moone Poetry. Moon over and out. Moon overboard. Moon over sidewalk. Moon over pylon two. Cityscape moon. Crescent moons. Moon over tear. Crescent Mary setting moon sketch. Tower pylon church sketch. Moon over owl. Ceri's moon and star scape. Solar shadows. Good Morning Moon! The Moon and Venus in the garden. Pain of a hero. Chapter 18. Once in a blue moon. Moon over pylon. Can you heal the World? A study of the Moon. Graffiti moon.1 Graffiti moon. The ingenious plastic lamp. The sundial. The sunflower competition. Rain. The Moon at nine fifteen. Happy earthday. Tsunami. Solar flowered eclipse. Everybody knows that... St. Thomas' & the Pylon. Astronomical. A portrait of the Moon.
Gothic Altar.
I have created this Gothic Altar design by using sections from my original matrix.

Here I have cut the letters out from the matrix to create the word G-O-T-H-I-C.

Gothic Font.


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Other Gothic Symbol drawings.
Sharemyart 2008

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