Nino, Tako & Merve.

I can hear them singing again, it's the same old tune, they need to expand their repertoire, I keep telling them. I can feel a mini revival coming on. The more things change, the more they stay the same. It was an exclusive, shame to say they didn't win, it's still a sore point, here you go.

Version #1. Eurovision Song Contest insider info!!! Meet JUSHI. The Romanian 1999 Eurovision Song Contestants. They are rehearsing in Nino's sisters garage, until they reach the big time, which will begin when they win this years contest in Israel May 29th.

The 3 piece will continue working in Tako's Salon by day and going through their choreography by night. Merve is Nino's dad and Tako is Nino's girlfriend. You must be dying to hear their song. It's called 'Kescho Mi Mi,' which loosely translates as, '**** on me. 'From the top guys.
Version #2. Exclusive! Inside the Eurovision Song Contest, 1999 in Israel. Meet JUSHI. The Romanian entry. Look at them rehearsing in Nino's garage. Listen to their song. It's called 'Kescho Mi Mi,' which loosely translates as, 'Same outfit, different venue.'

Only 3 weeks ago, Merve's career as a professional body builder ended in scandal. Say no more. Merve formed the band after discovering Tako somewhere very obscure, believe me. His lifetime thirst for fame, is but a routine away, choreography being his secret weapon.

Tako would be the first to tell you, JUSHI, is a happening. The culmination of a bizarre chain of events and here the dream begins. Ladies and Gentlemen, a big hand, PLEASE!
Look at them, they just don't know when to stop.

I often joke that I can still hear them singing the same old crappy song and now I must set them free, or let them start singing in the head of someone else, as well as my own ....
Stay tuned for:-1, Kay: The Student on Acid from Germany. (True Story.) 2, S#: The Call Centre Associate from Croydon. (True Story.) 3, Rodah & Ronda: The Conjoined Twins. (Based on a true story.) 4,The Lesbian Wedding in Islington. (True Story.) And more.


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paul, your feed is not connected,, it takes me to a message from feed burner... could you check into this and let me know when it is enabled,, as i want to get you in my feed so i can read daily... thanks



paisley was introduced to you on your guest post. See, people are viewing your work. I'm very happy about this.

Blasphemous and Offensive said...

Your work is fantastic! I love it :) Simply breathtaking...