George & Geometry.

George & Geometry, filmed by Paul Anthony Ramsden 2004.

This film was made in Nimbin (near Byron Bay) in Australia in November 2004. George is the singer who is a local celebrity, he sings in the square most afternoons. He is accompanied by a percussionist who uses his thighs to slap along to the melody.

The geometric, usually circular, patterns are inscribed, in chalk, on the pavements of Nimbin. I later found out through You Tube viewers (the film has been viewed 102 times in 2 months) that the pavement artists name is Elijah O'Brien. I have yet to have this confirmed by a second source or by the artist.

I hope you enjoy the film.



Excellent video. I sent you a bunch of pictures that's right up this alley. There is no copyright on these.

warrior scout said...

the more i stop by your site, the more i enjoy myself. this is a really sweet clip. thanx.