Gothic Symbols.

Gothic Symbols.
Each symbol is 4sq.cm. Pencil crayon. 2006
Check out square 3 on the top row and square 6 on the bottom row. Same symbol different background design and colours.
Check out the variation on the 'inverted pentagram' design used in square 4 middle row.
I have created two tile designs by repeating some of the symbols from my matrix above.


My drawings are inspired by Gothic symbols.
A Gothic revival.
If you would like a postcard of MY Gothic symbols just ask?
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A pencil rubbing taken from a stone carving.
A cirlce and a cross.
Gothic Symbol Matrix. Pencil and ink 2008.

Happy Earthday.

Gothic Symbol Matrix. Pencil and ink.
Completed in just under 6 hours.
First I drew the grid and then the letters G-O-T-H-I-C from the Gothic Alphabet.
I drew the letters in pencil then went over them with ink when I was happy with their shape.
The other squares in the grid are populated with adaptations of symbols found in an old encyclopedia.
All content is original. All rights reserved. eMail: sharemyart.@gmail.com

GOTHIC and MATRIX fonts.


Sharemyart. said...

This is the first in a series of drawings based on GOTHIC SYMBOLS.

Gothic Symbols.
Gothic Symbols revisited.
Gothic Symbolism.
Gothic Symbol Matrix.
Gothic Symbol Matrix in negative.


Gothic Symbols. said...

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