Graffiti Moon.

Look at this graffiti. What a liberty. I spotted this while I was out cycling today, daubed on a concrete motorway bridge. MOON? Is it a tag, a message, or a statement?

If it's a tag, it's a new one, I've not seen one like this before.

If it's a message, it's a short one, surely coded?

I think it could be a statement. And, the Moon has just been full, a lunar eclipse no less. (Tuesday.) The graffiti artist must have been prowling the concourses of the night and a glimpse of the Moon in all it's fullness, was surely his or her inspiration. I like it.



It's like the ancient graffiti found on walls in Pompeii. We have no idea, all these years later, what the scribbler meant.

Max said...

Hi Paul,

It may be a message: who knows!

I have awarded you:



Nick said...

M-O-O-N spells moon. "The Stand", S. King. That's what I thought of.

I like the way it stands out so clear, in white of course, with no extras. Kinda like the lonely moon, chasing the earth who in turn dances around the sun. The moon gets no love from earth, and has no smaller lover chasing it. It's just there, alone. Well, I'm getting silly now...