It's grown bigger!

As promised, here's another picture of my cucumber plant. It has seen plenty of water this week. It's had some good sunshine and my cucumber plant has received lots of love and affection, you know, the occasional conversation the odd poke, or caress.

Thanks to one of my readers, Blasphemous and Offensive, I was informed of a sure fire growing technique to facilitate the growing of humongous vegetables. (Check out his blog!)

'O' wrote: Paul! Your cucumber is beautiful! I used to grow pumpkins and other squash, so here's a tip for you. If you pinch a few of the other blossoms off and don't let them develop into full fruit, the remaining blossoms and fruits will grow larger. I don't know if you want monster cucumbers or not, but there you have it.

Thanks O, I did pinch off some of the other blossoms and it seems to be working. What joy!

I must admit, it doesn't look like a regulation cucumber, yet. I'm sure there must be a directive on what shape, length, angle of curve etc, is perceived as normal, but hey, it's organic, and it's being watered using rain water I have collected. I'm pleased with it so far, it has some wicked stripes and the blossom is still attached.

Check out what my cucumber plant looked like last week, click HERE. Oh, the Owl and two Easter Chicklets, are entertaining two parrots today.

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