My Cucumber Plant.

Here is a photograph of my cucumber plant. The plant has flowered in many places, but so far only one flower has developed into what resembles a cucumber. This is a poor show as we are approaching September and I am expecting many cucumbers to come forth, as in previous years. However this is the first time I have grown them in the potting shed, they usually grow in the cold frame at the back of the house, so it's an experiment. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I will post another photograph of the cucumber plant next week.


Hammer said...

I've never seen them on the plant.

Nice picture. Hope you get some more before the growing season ends.

My-Art said...

Me too. They are unusual in the way they grow. Like a vine, the plant throws off tendrils which wrap around objects. They have the most beautiful delicate yellow flowers whcih eventually develop into cucumbers.

Omega said...

pretty plant and i love your blue owl! it's super cute:)

Max said...

Hello Paul!

Nice plant! I love eating cucumber, but I had never seen its plants (I know, I know...but hey, I am a city girl...I am such an ignorant when it comes to vegetal growing lol)!

Nice pic though!
When I saw the owls, it reminded me of:
"The owls are not what they seem!" which reminded me of your painting (the black one) which I shall go back to and comment on it, one of these days...


Max said...

By the way: my fingers are crossed :).

Blasphemous and Offensive said...


Your cucumber is beautiful! I used to grow pumpkins and other squash, so here's a tip for you.

If you pinch a few of the other blossoms off and don't let them develop into full fruit, the remaining blossoms and fruits will grow larger.

I don't know if you want monster cucumbers or not, but there you have it.

I'll keep your cucumber in my blasphemous prayers.


That's a cucumber?! No way. That's one of those creatures that crawl into your ear and eat your brain to get to the other ear. Sleep with one eye open, my friend.