SHAREMYART: Gothic Symbols.

SHAREMYART: Gothic Symbols.

Here is my original Gothic Symbol Matrix in coloured pencils.

This is where it all began...

21 different designs, Medallion, dagger, skull, cross, pentacle, ram, chalice, oak leaf, tomb, eye.

See below where I have created repeat patterns using some of the symbols as a motif.



The dagger is a popular gothic motif.

Gothic Symbol Matrix.
Pencil and ink.

Completed in just under 6 hours.
First I drew the grid and then the letters G-O-T-H-I-C from the Gothic Alphabet.
I drew the letters in pencil then went over them with ink when I was happy with their shape.
The other squares in the grid are populated with adaptations of symbols found in an old encyclopedia.

My drawings are inspired by Gothic Symbols.

A Gothic revival.
If you would like a postcard of My Gothic Symbols just ask.
Will post worldwide. sharemyart@gmail.com
Gothic Symbol Matrix.

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