This Tuesday there's an eclipse coming!

Yes, this Tuesday (010808) a SOLAR ECLIPSE is swinging it's way upon us.

The path of totality will commence in Arctic Canada and travel across Greenland, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and conclude in China. Totality will be witnessed by many fortunate indigenous people living in it's shadow and many, many travellers from around the globe, who are placing their ambitions in the oh~so random cosmos. Luckily for us Northern Europeans, a partial eclipse of the Sun will be visible, weather permitting, or fingers crossed for a cloud break.

A SYZYGY - wow - what a fantabulous word.

(...the alignment of 3 or more celestial bodies in the same gravitational system along a straight line.) What a happening! RARE. If you are reading this now, after the event, what was it like for you? Were you really there?

I have put together a few links to help out with your research.

What is Universal Time (UT)?

Path of the Eclipse.

Map of the Eclipse. (Google Earth)

Live WEBCAST from China. (NASA)

And here's a few links to some of my artwork, inspired by the cosmos.





"On the said Tuesday, the Artist is away on location somewhere in Northern Europe (in a capital city park). Hoping to capture, post-worthy documentary evidence of a partial happenstance. Apparatus will include a digital camera, a home made solar viewer and a pair of solar shades. It's then onto an Internet Cafe, plugging into totality. Live Webcast China.
If only I could be there...well, there's always next time.

It does so, We do, and so does the Moon? But did you know what a SYZYGY is? I didn't. Thanks.
My home made solar viewer, built for the Transit of Venus 2004. Made from a cardboard box.

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Total Eclipse. Aug01 08
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