My vision.

To finish it off, I added a caption which is a play on words. I enjoy adding captions or using poetry in my work. It adds a narrative and engages the viewer, or invites them to consider a message related to the image. This can be suggestive, provocative, or sometime obvious.

What is happening when an image is captured by the retina? That brief moment where the viewer accepts the presentation, configures the image, adds it to the other 20 million or so that their eyes have already collected. Try to make sense of it, put it in a box, categorise it, dismiss it. Does it do anything for you?

That moment, a second, a nanosecond. My work, my vision, my presentation, on your retina, inside your mind, how do you feel? Critical engagement. Yes no thank you.
If I am presented with a resource, I will try to work out the best way to take advantage of the resource. Like dreaming of winning the lottery, untold wealth. I have realised now that I have the ability to create things from nothing, make something come to life, tell a story, engage people and share my journey. Magic. This gift which I am still developing is my untold wealth.

If I have an experience that strikes a chord, I will try to capture it, in my own way. It is a desire to create an image in the way that I see it. Everyone sees things differently and I am driven to communicate my vision. It is essential to my well being, that I create or build, it is beyond my control. I am at the mercy of my ability to make, create art.

College Halls of Residence, The Quadrangle. 1990



You are finer than any one isolated flash of perception. You are a slave.

Clare said...

Thanks for the comments!
I'll add you to mine also :]

Max said...

Hey Paul,

I absolutely loved the image!! It is so innocent...it took me back into my childhood, when I used to draw that type of images :).