The Screen on video.

Please watch this 4 minute film of ‘The Screen’ I have created from recycled cardboard and wood.

Dimensions: Height 1.44m: Width 2.44m

The reverse is painted with wood stain, protecting the cardboard and is currently free of any decoration. The screen is made from found objects, decorated by photos and colour prints. It can also be folded together and will free stand in many positions.

It has been decorated on the first panel with images of the gates of Crow Nest Park. On a rare sunny day, I noticed that the shadows made by the gates were unusual and I decided to record them. It is a photo montage of the gate posts taken from left and right vantage points.

Two of the other panels are decorated with images from the local environment creating a sense of place around The Calder and Hebble Navigation. These pictures represent a spring day with no leaves on the trees, I have seen the same trees in summer and the plastic is hidden by foliage.

The 4th panel has an astronomical theme created by the appliqué of found objects on black fabric and pinhole projection photography. Local churches are featured in The Screen, St Thomas’ in Batley and St Mary’s in Mirfield, contrasted by the architectural grandeur of electricity pylons.

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