What once was complete has now been transcended.

The Screen in 2 halves.
Looking like a huge number eleven on the eleventh.
Side by side.
A pair.

How did it happen?
Nikola and I hid behind the screen to surprise?
After a couple of screams and a slight loss of balance we fell on the Screen.
The central spine of the screen unzipped as we stumbled upon it.
Ironically it was us who glued together the original join, almost a year ago.
And now I am evaluating a pair of screens.
The imapct you have on my art is unfathomable.
I won't dwell upon the demise of the Cardboard Zombie.
The screen belongs in the theatre.

Click on the link to see The Making of The Screen.
Kiss my art by Nikola.

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Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Beautiful post and photos!!!

Hugs, Jj