Annular and total roll on June.

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It's a leap year. That, though, is not what makes this month so special. It's more the fact that, this year, February also happens to bring a pair of eclipses*. Both will have their impact on our lives... and hearts. If there's something wrong in your love life, it will get set right soon. And if there's something you want to preserve and protect... well, if the reasons are right, that too may be attainable.
*Annular Solar Eclipse, February 6/7.Visible from a wide track, that traverses Antarctica and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean. A partial eclipse will be seen in the southeastern third of Australia, all of New Zealand and most of Antarctica.
*Total Lunar Eclipse, February 20/21.Visible throughout South America and most of North America, western Europe and northwest Africa. None of this eclipse is visible from eastern Asia or Australia.

Information provided by Jonathan Cainer.

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