Kiss my art by Nikola.

This vibrant palm print was created by Nikola, she also penned the title, 'Kiss my art.'

Nikola also created another print using the colour green (above). There was some laughter and a delay in creating the second print, when Nikola realised that she had painted the wrong hand, thereby taking some time out to clean up and start over.

These images are captured using black out fabric and the pin hole projection method. I used black material to cover the windows and all light entry points. The studio has a good sunlight aspect, it travels across the space/wall in a reasonable curve. I made a small hole in the fabric near to the window and waited for the sun to arrive.
The best type of conditions are clear but part cloudy, hazy with cloud formations that roll in a moderate wind. This enables the projection to be more interesting than it would be on a cloudless day. Transforming, progressing, steady journey. I was surprised to see some vivid colours in the clouds and the sun.

Spring 2007 Click HERE to view more images captured using my camera obscurer. Click HERE to view my work based upon the moon. Click HERE to view my work inspired by astronomical happenings.

Tom's emotive palm print.

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