Newspaper Collection.

For sale or will swap. Anything considered.

My newspaper collection is getting too big.

We are pleased to offer for sale, or swap, a collection of 10 or more UK news items, related to the women of Windsor.

A comprehensive list can be provided upon request. Will mail to anywhere in the universe.


Gay Bipolar Guy said...

OMG, OMG, OMG! Di--anything Di. Seriously. When I visited London, I stood outside a gallery (National Portrait Museum?) for two hours in order to have an upfront view. She was two yards from me. I called out, "America loves Di!" and she smiled right at me. Oh, she took this boss, butch man (me) and turned him into a quivering mass of faggotry.

Max said...

Hello Paul,

Unfortunately, I do not collect newspapers nor magazines :(!
Well, to tell you the truth I am even trying to throw my brother's collection in the garbage (he collects sport newspapers)!

Lady Di: 10 years have gone and people are still calling for her *nodding*!