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Coloured dots, cut from a gift bag.

I bobbed up and down on it.
I bored you to death about it.
I blasted it.
I bought it.
I boxed it.
I backed out of it.
I bowed down because of it.
I bit my lip eating it.
I bust a gut digesting it.
I broke the bank buying it.
I burned brain cells thinking about it.
I bent over backwards for it.
I bouncy castled it.
I begged a refund after it.
I bungee jumped it.
I blacked out during it.
I buried it.
I banged the drum of it.
I bet my life on it.
I baked it.
I bedded it.
I backed it.
I billed you for it.
I boogied on down to it.
I became it.
I beat it.
I bottled it.
I blew it.
I don't believe it!
Baron Rein. 2006

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Baron Rein said...

On your marks, get set, go!