A collection of works submitted for exhibition.

A pencil sketch. Crescent moon, pylon, bridge and St Mary's church. There's a lot going on in this one. Ceri says it looks like a cell.
This geometric drawing is based upon the architectural features of a building. India Tower (previously known as Park Hyatt Tower) is a supertall skyscraper under construction in Mumbai, Maharashtra and will be one of the tallest and greenest buildings in India once completed.
Two images culled from my Farnham Art College Sketchbook 1993.
The first image is titled, 'Shop & Bin' and is based upon an urban facade with street furniture. Collage. The second collage is titled, 'The Swimming Pool Library.' Inspired by a novel by Alan Hollinghurst. Collage. I did a lot of swimming at the time.
A pencil sketch of the spire. A preliminary study for another work. Finished? The architects name eludes me.
A geometric study of the WTC Twin Towers and surrounding architectural features. Namely the 'trident'.

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