Drawing inspired by the work of Charles Mikolaycak.

This drawing is inspired by the work of Charles Mikolaycak.
This one took 8 hours to complete.
I recreated this image in pencil and ink from the the cover illustration of a book entitled, "In the morning of time."
"It is a novelized re-telling of Norse mythology, as it is related to the two Icelandic Eddas.
The loss of the world's innocence, exemplified by the death of a god, Balder is the theme, although other Norse deities are skilfully introduced in the development of this theme."
* Library Journal.
The book - In the morning of time: The story of the Norse God Balder, was written by Cynthia King. Published by Scholastic Book Services in 1970. It includes several illustrations by Charles Mikolaycak.
I like the symbolism within the image I have chosen to recreate.
Although I don't fully understand the narrative yet as I have not read the novel.
Note the beard is shaped like a ship buoyant upon the ocean, or is it the mouth of a whale?
A tree or sail-scape is juxtaposed, what with the helmet of the bearded one amongst the shadowy clouds.
I have added light and reflection from a celestial body, but which one?
Very Mount Rushmoresque. Four faces, noses, eyes.

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noni said...

nice work.....all four development are unique