Parkland statue sketch.

Parkland statue sketch, unfinished. 2008
I created this sketch one afternoon while one of my friends dozed and the other two completed a lap of the park on roller blades.
To me, the drawing is incomplete.
Rather a snapshot of a statue in context.
He has a book in his hand.
I could add some watercolours.
Moreover, it is completely unfinished.
The park was full of people passing time.
In the sunshine.
It has beautiful gates and fountains and gardens.
It has a museum and cafes and sculptures.
It has joggers, skaters and rollers.
Shirkers, illusionists, musicians, and contortionists.
The tree lined avenue with the perfect gradient was closed for refurbishment.
This time around anyway.
Hail, rain, fall or shine.
The best park in the world.
Let's go around one more time!

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